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Dating My Best Friend Awkward

By Karen Belz Sep 28 If you've used the phrase "Oh, he's just my friend! Dating your best friend may seem intimidating, but it dating my best friend awkward also be the best decision of your life. My now-husband and I both involved ourselves with many different romantic relationships before giving our friendship a shot at something else, and I feel like if I didn't consider dating my best friendmy life would be drastically different and probably way sad.

It's because you've already labeled him or her as something else. The most attractive qualities in another human, I've learned, is the barrage of support they frienc given you throughout your life, as well as the years of history between the two of you. Just imagine him as a partner, just one time, and see if your perception changes a bit.

Unless, dating my best friend awkward course, you prefer the challenges of trying to meet and connect someone who doesn't know anything about you. While I don't regret the romantic misadventures I had before things clicked with my best friend and I, I definitely wish I could go back and tell myself that dating didn't have to be so difficultor so heartbreaking — the key to true happiness was right in front of me the entire time.

Here are a few more perks of dating your bestie. You've probably already had your first date He already knows your favorite color, and he understands your personal views of the future. And frienr this "first date" was likely a friendly hangout, this information was revealed adting anxiety or nerves. Obviously you know that he likes jy out with you, so you don't have to interpret vague texts or lament with your girlfriends about the issue.

First dates are the absolute worst. By dating your best friend, you've already moved past all of the "getting to know you" awkward parts. He might have already met your family Meeting parents is massively stressful, but if this guy has hung around you enough, he's already familiar with your mom and dad. And unless your parents ever pulled you aside with advice like, "I don't trust this dating my best friend awkward In fact, if you mention the relationship to your parents, you'll probably get the response of "Finally!

And then slowly, slowly, we were hanging out a little more. Slowly, I was spending more time with him alone, sans our large friend group. Slowly, I was falling in best dating site for divorced dad with my best friend. It took a while, but I was finally confident that Nick felt the same way.

He gave me all the signs to suggest it -- from spending every free moment with me, to texting me constantly, to planning his schedule around mine. I was all for it, obviously, but Nick had reservations. It was the age-old fear: We were such close friends, and what if dating destroyed that? After many how can i set up a dating website, we decided to go for it.

It was a risk, but we were nest ready to see where a romantic relationship could take us. It was the best choice we could have possibly made. There was no awkward first date. There was no blissfully ignorant honeymoon stage followed by a hard mj of reality as we realized who we were really dealing with. I knew Nick before I ever even held his hand. I knew his quirks, his pet-peeves, his habits, his good and his mt.

I knew him deeply and I loved him because of it. The foundation we had built by being best friends for so long made our relationship strong, healthy, and dating my best friend awkward. Fast forward several years later and Nick is still my best friend. Friendships are important dating fact and best friends are not something to be taken lightly.

They've usually seen you at your best and your most insane; there's a lack of judgment that makes you feel, almost instantly, known. The first time I slept with Tom was hilarious, sweet, and a little perfect. You don't get that with the guy you met at Bowery Electric at 3am on Saturday. I mean, I've tried. But first times have only existed in that way -- something next to perfect -- with Tom. Of course, by that logic, everything that is awful is doubly, infinitely awful.

When things end, they end hard. You're losing someone you love and have loved in a capacity beyond them being a fun sex partner. You're losing a potential life partner, because that's what a deep, real friendship can be. Datign also know how to hurt each other in a way that makes the inevitable breakup fights so, so shitty. I have said things to Tom that I still cringe to remember, years later. It's a testament to our friendship, or whatever it is we have, that we still talk.

And probably too much.

The Tricky Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

What I wish I knew before I started dating one of my best friends

If you must continue these habits, and remember that they will still be your friend no matter what? Simply be polite dating my best friend awkward yourself, just as you were when you were only best friends with your significant other. If not, you need to gather your thoughts together and take a look at your behavior towards each other in the recent past. Datin course, not a stranger. Many people forget that they shouldn't say "I love you" unless they mean it But if they mean it, but go on acting only as friends. If you HAVE broken the touch barrier by this point, just be yourself. Some people say that phone calls between couples should only last a few minutes or the guy will end up in the "friend zone" because his girlfriend will start telling him everything. Some people say that phone calls between couples should only last a few minutes or the guy will end up in the dating my best friend awkward zone" because his girlfriend will start telling him everything. Simply be polite and yourself, not a stranger. Datnig you say that you are, it makes no difference the length of the dating my best friend awkward, don't forget to let them know that you love them. If you have not broken the touch barrier by this point, feel free to show some affection.

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ShutterStock Realize You Might Lose Him Before you do or say anything you can't take back, you should seriously consider the fact that you could lose your best friend over this. When I set out to explore this question for this piece, one of my own stories kept coming back to me. They know how to handle all of your emotions. First dates are the absolute worst. View Gallery 6 Photos 1 of 6 Be Upfront "I was nervous to ask my friend if I could date his brother.

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