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Cannibal Cop Online Dating

Yes, Valle had fantasized about such plots, and talked about his fantasies in Internet chats. No, he professional dating service florida tried to act them out. Six months later, Valle is trying to start over. His sexual proclivities have made him both a pariah and a laughingstock, a threat to women and a freak. Now this man whose only crime was unlawful access to a law-enforcement database—a misdemeanor—wants the chance to start again.

Since his ordeal onlije, he has decided to become a lawyer, so he can help other hapless victims of the justice system. In an online dating profile on Match. On Wednesday, the New York Post published details from his dating profile: He has a dog. He follows Maryland football. Advertisement It took five Post staffers to report that nonstory, and at least one to ambush Valle at his home in Queens for comment.

The Daily News parroted the Post in both the useless information and the sneering tone. Valle says his page on Match. He deserves to have a date. Please remind me what the story is, again? Though Valle had been convicted of conspiring to kidnap several different women, he never tried to kidnap anyone in the real world. He never used an onpine as a gag while roasting women on a spit. He only wrote about these dark and improbable fantasies online, and even there he changed the details with every instant-message chat.

Advertisement The prosecutors said and still contend that Valle meant to carry out these plans—that he really was a cannibal on the hunt for person-meat. But their case took some egregious leaps of logic. Not shown in the screenshot, but explained further down in his profile, he says that he's trying to get into law school and that he's in the process of writing a book hmm, wonder what that's about. He met his now ex-wife on OkCupid. He cannibal cop online dating only released from jail in November and he should be BANNED from this dating site.

I do not want to be identified for my own safety. I just wanted to pass this on so that other women know to datibg on the lookout. Here's the screenshot she included; cannibal cop online dating user's name was AmiableQueensKid: The user said the profile disappeared from her "Visitors" tab as soon as she reported it; by the time we went looking for it, it had been deleted, although cached versions of other OKCupid users' pages showed it'd been up as recently as mid-December.

Advertisement Funny dating profiles for guys first, Cannibal thought the profile could onoine have been real. I reasoned that a cannibal cop online dating profile cannibal cop online dating the Cannibal Cop created as a joke would probably contain more references to food, cooking, "love to have you over for dinner," that kind of shit.

But the photos were odd. The middle one of Valle and his daughter is crisp and sharp— it's taken from his Facebook profile which, if it's legitimate, indicates that he's now working as an insurance agent. But the outer two were weirdly grainy, and both can be easily found online, connected to cpo reports about his case. The one cannibal cop online dating him in a suit is a detail shot of him standing outside the courthouse during his trial, probably not something you'd put in your profile.

Nonetheless, I emailed OkCupid for comment. It's conceivable that Valle could be back on cannibal cop online dating dating sites—after all, he was never charged with cannibal cop online dating sex crime, just conspiracy, and he wasn't even convicted of that. Plus, OkCupid says very clearly in its terms of service that it doesn't verify statements made by its users.

You just kind of have to pinky-swear that you're not a sex offender and haven't been convicted of a felony. Christian Rudder at OkCupid's press office got back to me quickly, with a surprisingly salty statement: Anna, that profile is clearly a hoax.

Why Shouldn’t the Cannibal Cop Look for Love on Match.com?

Inside "Cannibal" Cop's OKCupid Profile: "I'll Try Anything And Am Not Picky"

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The 'Cannibal Cop' hoped to meet a 'non-judgmental' woman on Match. At his sentencing last year, Gardephe said Valle "is not to use a computer, Internet-capable device or similar electronic device to access sexual fetish websites, including chat rooms, forums or other means by which users communicate with other individuals or groups about sexual fetishes … The defendant shall consent to the monitoring of his computer usage for this purpose. By then Valle had already served 21 months in prison. Jezebel thinks the profile is fake , but Gawker's Aleksander Chan is running with it.

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